Oracle Applications File Architecture

Oracle Applications File Architecture

Oracle Applications File Architecture ,

Custom_ TOP:
Custom top will be created by customer (client) for the custom development and customization. At least one custom top is required for every client.  We can have multiple custom tops also as per the requirement.

  1. We are not suppose to develop or customize the product tops like AP, AR, GL, PO
  2. We should not apply the patches (scripts) against the application. If we apply, that script may over ride both development and customization whatever we have done previous. That is the reason, we will create and use custom top. Oracle will not provide any type of support, if we done any patches against the application .
Oracle Applications File Architecture ,

US Folder:
This folder is language specific and by default, it is  American English language has been implemented.  If we want to have multiple languages, we can implement by specifying different folders. This US folder is only applicable for Forms and Reports because both are GUI objects.

Query to get the languages installed in Oracle Applications:

Select * from FND_LANGUAGE where installed_flag in (‘B’, ‘I’) 
  • Flag B  -  Base language
  • Flag I  -  Installed language
  • Flag D  -  Disable language

11.5.0 Folder:
This oracle application release name is based on the release what we are using.


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