HP PLSQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions

HP PL/SQL Interview Questions

  • wt is the diff b/w greast and max ,least and min? Wt is the diff b/w case and decod?
  • how to print * ** *** **** ***** by using sql query?
  • Write a query to filter improper date format following table?

I want the output


  • Write a query to remove  null following table are
Id    name
101   dinesh
Null  jyothi
Null  bharathi
102   suresh
Null  shilpha
103   prakesh
Null   suma

I want the output format like

Id     name
101    dinesh
102    suresh
103    prakesh

  • Wirte a query  to remove null? Following table are

Col1   col2   col3
Dinesh null   null
Null   suresh  null
Null   null    prakesh

I want the output like

 Col1    col2    col3
Dinesh  suresh   prkaesh
  • Write a query   filter the null value data following source?
Name  age
John  30
Smith null
Null  24
Sharp 35
I want output

Name age
John 30
Sharp 35

  • When do we create bitmap indexes
  • Can we use out parameter in function?
  • Write a query to generate target column.

Src      target
Q10  quarter to 2010
Q90  quarter to 1990
Q80  quarter to 1980
Q74  quarter to 1974

  • How to call the function and procedure in trigger?
  • What is different between union and minus?
  • Can we interchange parameters in procedure while calling
  • what is 'force view'?
  • What are global temporary tables
  • What are nested tables? How will u delete 5 rows from nested
  • select top 3 sal from each dept?
  • what is difference between having and where clause?
  • Can you have multiple sps with the same name on a database?

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