Hexaware PLSQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions

Hexaware PL/SQL Interview Questions

  1. What is cursor? 
  2. What is explicit and implicit cursor and examples? 
  3. Ref cursor and types 
  4. What is exception and exception types 
  5. Two types of triggers 
  6. What is package? 
  7. 10g features 
  8. Diff b/w primary key unique key 
  9. Difference b/w procedure and function 
  10. What is bind variable 
  11. How to create a table using procedure and how to pass variables for table 
  12. What is the use of execute immediate command 
  13. What is materialized view? 
  14. Any restriction to create a materialized view 
  15. What is fast refresh on commit? 
  16. What is integrity constrain 
  17. What is index by array 
  18. What is difference between group function and analytic function? 
  19. What is ls command with different options?

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