LOGICA PLSQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions

LOGICA PL/SQL Interview Questions

  1. What is your daily activites in project?
  2. What is sga?
  3. What is pga?
  4. What is tablespace?
  5. What is extent clause in tablespace?
  6. What is datasets?
  7. What is datablocks?
  8. What is temparery table?
  9. Which sitivation are you worked temparery table?
  10. What are the datatypes in sql?
  11. What are the char datatypes?
  12. Diff b/w char & varchar2?
  13. What is timestamp returns?default size of timestamp?
  14. What is defaults timestamp format like 12 or 24?
  15. Do you know any character datatype without char,varchar2?
  16. Do you know any number datatype without number & integer?
  17. Tell me some pl/sql datatypes?
  18. Do you have create table column's with boolean datatype?
  19. Why boolean datatype is not possible to create a table    column?
  20. What is data modeling?
  21. What is constraint? What are types of constraints?
  22. Diff b/w primary key & unique key?
  23. What are the master & detail table?
  24. Which will fire first constraint or trigger?
  25. Which format are you used build a sql query?
  26. What is blob/bfile?
  27. What is clob?
  28. What is the use of timestamp in select statements?
  29. Which datatype does not allows 'null' values?
  30. Diff b/w whare,having & group by clause?
  31. What is row fragmentation?
  32. Can you drop all columns in a table used alter command?
  33. Can you modify a null column to not null column, if table    has some data?
  34. What are functions there in sql?
  35. What is lower(),upper(),& initcap()?
  36. What are the substr() & instr()?
  37. What are date functions?
  38.  what is the conversion functions?
  39.  what is diff b/w nvl,nvl2,&nullif()?
  40.  diff b/w rank() & dense_rank()?
  41.  what is er modeling?
  42.  what is join? Types of joins?what is outer join?
  43.  what is psudeo columns?
  44.  what is in_line view's?
  45.  what is window clause?
  46.  diff b/w  exist & in?
  47.  what is sequence? Can you alter startwith clause?
  48.  can you create synonym same name of object?
  49.  diff b/w view and synonym?
  50.  Second  round interview questions
  51.  can you create synonym on procedure,package,functions?
  52.  what is index? Types of indexes?
  53.  can you create index on index?
  54.  what is raise_statement? How to declate it?
  55.  what is dbms_utility?
  56.  can you use out parameter in functions?
  57.  what is pragma_autonomous_tranctions?
  58.  which sitivation you have used utl_file packages?
  59.  how to improvee performence?
  60.  hot to debugg your code?
  61.  what are the majer step's you are consider in explain?
  62.  why are used m_views?
  63.  do you know utl_smtp?
  64.  what is collections & types of collections?
  65.  can you use varchar datatye in indexed_by_table?
  66.  can you use collection method types in functions?


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