HCL PLSQL Interview Questions

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HCL Interview Questions In Oracle PL/SQL

  1. What is meant by procedures?
  2. What is mean by functions?
  3. What is the difference between procedures and functions?
  4. What is meant by packages?
  5. What is  meant by triggers?
  6. What is meant by exception and what are the types of exceptions?
  7. What is meant by cursor and how many types of cursors are there?
  8. What is the physical and logical structure of oracle
  9. How can u open multiple files in Unix  is it possible.
  10. How can u  connect from Unix to database is there any login or password.
  11. What is the version u are using.
  12. When u create a table tablespace is created what is tablespace
  13. What is the syntax of procedures.
  14. What is overloading.
  15. I created a procedure with 5 parameters if the same procedure is called with 3 parameters will it work? What is the error will it give?
  16. How many types of cursors  are there.
  17. What are the attributes of cursors in explicit & implicit.
  18. How does u open loop for cursors?
  19. How can u select data into variables using select command
  20. If where condition is not  specified  what error it will give how do u handle that error , what is the exception  pre_defined exception u use.
  21. What is %rowtype how do u declare it in plsql block write it.
  22. What is the structure of plsql block


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