3i-infotech PLSQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions

3i-infotech PL/SQL Interview Questions

  1. Explain about  yourself and it experience?
  2. What are the environments are you worked?
  3. You have any experience in production?
  4. You have any experience in unix?
  5. What is dual? It is database object?
  6. How many column's and row's contains dual table?
  7. Select '1'+1 from dual; what is output?
  8. Select * from emp where comm in (null); Comm=null;      what is output?
  9. How to count no of records in table without count?
  10. What is height sal whthout using max()?
  11. Select only those employee information who are earning   same salary?
  12. How to find last inserted records from table?
  13. Select 'vik'||null||'ram' from dual? What is output?
  14. I have table, in column data is 'su@re#sh$', now i want    to my output is 'suresh'? How to retrive?
  15. How to retrive top 3 salaries from each departments?
  16. Can you update complex view? If no, why?
  17. How to know oracle use my index or not?
  18. When should rebuild one an index?
  19. Tell me some errors?
  20. Tell me some restrictions on cursor variables?
  21. What is context swithcing?
  22. What is bulk collect?
  23. What is nullif()?
  24. What is mutating error?
  25. What are the module's , you are working?
  26. Which will fire default first statement level or row level   trigger?
  27. What is bulkcollect? And any restrictions in bulkcollect?
  28. What is the use of limit clause in bulkcollect?
  29. How to debugg your code?
  30. How to trace error handling?
  31. How to find which line error was raised?
  32. What are the methods there in save exceptions?
  33. What is functional based index? Write syntax?
  34. How to update complex view?
  35. Can you alter procedure with in package?
  36. Is it possible to open cursor which is in package in another procrdure?
  37. What is substr()&instr()?
  38. Difference between case and decode?
  39. Can you use sysdate in check constraints? If no, why?
  40. Difference between column level constraints&table level    constraints?
  41. What is optimizer?
  42. What is nested_loop join?
  43. What is pivot operater?
  44. Tell me some oracle 10g features?
  45. What is m_view?
  46. What is master & detail tables?
  47. What is sqlcode and sqlerrm?
  48. Diff b/w procedure & packages?
  49. What are the dis_adv of packages?

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