CTS PLSQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions

CTS PL/SQL Interview Questions

  1. Tell me something your self?
  2. What are the activities are you doing daily in your   project?
  3. Tell me ratio's of sql,pl/sql&unix?
  4. Diff b/w primary key & unique key ?
  5. Diff b/w primary key & unique key + not null?
  6. What is the use of views?
  7. If table dropped, then what happen view?
  8. What is index?types of indexes?
  9. Which functions are not supported to index?
  10. What is save point?
  11. What is ora-1555?
  12. What are the datatypes avilable in pl/sql, not in sql?
  13. What is the main use of %type,%rowtype?
  14. What is cursor? Types of cursors?
  15. Diff b/w explict cursor & for loop cursor?
  16. What is exception? Types of exceptions?
  17. What is raise_application_error?
  18. What is pragma_exception_init?
  19. Diff b/w triggers&procedures?
  20. Can you call procedure in select statement?
  21. Restrictions in functions?
  22. What is the use of packages?
  23. How to drop package body only?
  24. Can use pragma_autonamous_tranctions in packages?
  25. What is bulk collect?
  26. What is nullif()?
  27. What is mutating error? 
  28. What are the module's , you are working
  29. Which will fire default first statement level or row level trigger?
  30. What is bulkcollect? And any restrictions in bulkcollect?
  31. What is the use of limit clause in bulkcollect?
  32. How to debugg your code?
  33. How to trace error handling?
  34. How to find which line error was raised?
  35. What are the methods there in save exceptions?
  36. What is functional based index? Write syntax?
  37. How to update complex view?
  38. Can you alter procedure with in package?
  39. Is it possible to open cursor which is in package in another procrdure?
  40. What is substr()&instr()?
  41. Difference between case and decode?
  42. Can you use sysdate in check constraints? If no, why?
  43. Difference between column level constraints & table level constraints?
  44. What is optimizer?
  45. What is nested_loop join?
  46. What is pivot operater?
  47. Tell me some oracle 10g features?
  48. What is m_view?
  49. What is master & detail tables?
  50. What is sqlcode and sqlerrm?
  51. Diff b/w procedure & packages?
  52. What are the dis_adv of packages?
  53. Tell me some strong points in your boss?

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