Oracle Applications Database Design

Oracle Applications Database Design

Schema Diagram:
Oracle Applications Database Design,

  • User can connect only one schema at a time.
  • 4000 schemas are  available approximately. 
  • APPS Schema contains only synonyms of other schema objects.
  • For every database object we can find synonyms in APPS Schema
  • Table name and synonym name should be same 
APPS Schema:
This one of the Schema in Oracle Applications database it contains only synonyms.  It has got access other schema database objects

PO Schema:
It contains only PO Objects like PO Tables Indexes, Sequences, and views and materialized views and so on. It will connect to PO Schema we can access only PO objects.  We can’t access other schema database objects.

NOTE:We should not to create tables in apps schema, but we will create the tables in custom schema then we will give grants to apps schema.

Item Details Report:

Invoice Schema
PO Schema
AP Schema
HRMS Schema

From the above example, we can observe that, the Item, Supplier, Cheque and Buyer details  are belongs to Invoice, PO, AP and HRMS Schema respectively.


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