Difference Between KFF and DFF in Oracle Apps

Difference Between KFF and DFF in Oracle Apps, www.askhareesh.com
Key Flexfield

A Key Flexfield as the name suggest is a key building block of a module and is required for defining the structure of objects of that module e.g. The Account Structure, Item Structure etc.

Key Flexfield captures mandatory business information like company department, account etc.

KFF is Mandatory

KFF displays like text item

KFF’s data are stored in the segments

30 segment columns are reserved for KFF’s data

Descriptive Flexfield

A descriptive Flexfield as the name suggests helps more in describing an object (like a transaction or screen) more than the available fields on that screen

Descriptive Flexfield captures additional business information like name of the company’s MD etc.

DFF is optional

DFF displays like []

DFF’s data are stored in the attributes

15 attribute columns are reserved for the DFF’s data.


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