Oaf Interview Questions Part6

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51.  What is an entity object?
Entity object is created based on a database table, it is responsible for insertion/updation/validation of the table data. They are stored in the oracle.apps.<prod>.<application>.schema.server package directory

52.  What is an Application Module(AM)?
Application module holds the related objects pertaining to an application ie. View objects, Entity Objects etc. The application module helps in getting the required database connection, maintains the page session or transaction context

53.   What is the object passed to every page request?
OAPageContext object is passed to every request, using this object the controller initializes the application module object and will call the required methods.

54.  Where is the view object(VO) initialization or query filtering done?
It is done with view object implementation class Ex. EmpVOImpl.java

55.  What is the property to set for an AM so that the transaction state is maintained across pages?
RETENTION_LEVEL property is set to value MANAGE_STATE for an AM.

56.What is the Personalization?
Personalization means changes to the existing ‘Page’ according to the customer requirement

57.Give some examples of Page Personalization?
Addition of new columns to a table results, adding of fields, changing the order of regions, columns etc. Apart from this validation of certain fields, display of Descriptive flex fields etc can also be achieved

58.  What is extension?
Extension is the changing of the existing components for adding more features or customer required features. View Objects, Controller, Application Module can be extended.

59.   What is substitution?
When view objects are extended, we need to tell the applications that our extended view object should be used or substituted during runtime, substitution will serve this purpose

60.   How to do register a new OA Framework page in Oracle Applications?
oracle.jrad.tools.XMLImporter utility will be used. After successfully importing the page data will be stored in metadata repository tables of the database


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