Oaf Interview Questions Part5

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41. What is the main Controller component in OAF?
OAController is the main class and our controller will become subclass of it.

42. How does page structure get created at runtime?
OAPageBean is responsible for creating the bean hierarchy structure at runtime after calling ProcessRequest() of each of the beans in the hierarchy.

43. Where does the client BC4J objects get placed in the server?
They are located in the oracle.apps.<product>.<application>.server

44. Where does the server BC4J objects get placed in the server?
They are located in the oracle.apps.<product>.<application>.schema.server

45. Where does the Page and Controller related files get placed?
They are located in oracle.apps.<product>.<application>.webui

46. What are Validation View Objects?
They are the VVO’s used in validation of attributes, they are the BC4J components and have their AM ie VAM Validation Application Module

47. What is the version of Jdeveloper to be used in 11i or R12?
For 11i, Jdeveloper 9i will be used and for R12 Jdeveloper 10g will be used.

48. What is a Database Connectivity File?
It is a .dbc file which is specified in the project properties. The location of this file on the server is $FND_TOP/secure

49.  What is a View Object?
It is a BC4J(Business Component for Java) object which encapsulates the query results. View objects will support the display of the content to user in the Page.

50.  How do you create a view object?
View objects can be created in the Business components package, can be based on entity objects or an sql query. View objects based on sql query are read only view objects
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