One of my Best Interviews at Tech Mahindra part3

One of my Best Interviews at Tech Mahindra,
TR: Do you know testing concepts?
Me : no sir, but I’ll try.
TR : Did you filled reservation form of Train?
Me : Yes sir, but in online.
TR : no problem, I am giving a form, how can u test this form if you are a testing engineer?
Me : I tried my best but unable to give the answer.
TR : kk, leave it. How can you see yourself after 10 years?
Me : I want to be a software developer after fresher period or 2 yrs, 5 yrs or 10yrs.
TR : If you are a project manager, In your team there are 2  members. One is serious towards work but not quick logic developer another is quick logic developer but not serious. Whom do you select?
Me : after 1 min, I choose Serious one sir
TR : Reason plz?
Me : sure sir, Serious one don’t knew the logic, but he knew how to finish the work in time, so he might ask his co-workers to complete his work.
TR : Not satisfied with yours. But somewhat right. Did you attend any drives before?
Me : Yes sir, attended CTS, Accenture, IBM … etc so on.
TR : kk, leave it., Any questions?
Me : How is the life in TechMahindra?
TR : Said about 10 minutes., Anymore?
Me : can I’ve my feedback?
TR : 50-50 chances, Judge yourself?
Me : I think, my view in the Object orientation problem is excellent.
TR : true.
Me : Form concept is bad.
TR : true
Me : way of presentation is good.
TR : true, if I reject u in this round, what can you do?
Me : No sir, I done well. So there is no chance to rejecting me.
TR : no, I rejected you, what can u do?
Me : no problem sir, I’ll attend after 6 months, if it is not happened then I’ll be here with 3+ experience.
TR : good, then do it like that.
Me : no answer with simple smile.
TR : K, I am giving last chance to you, please test the reservation form
Me :
1 : If the train num is 70693 then it goes to 70100 itz a problem sir.
2: If the entered train doesn’t goes in the source station , if it k, then no problem.
3 : If we applied for the lower berth it gives the upper berth, then itz a problem.
So on . . . .
TR : Very good. Why didn’t u think last time? Even u’ve 50-50 chances. I miss you really. Sorry. Please leave now.
Me : I left the interview hall.
After 5 min, I am going outside with my stick file, then he stopped me and said, I was just joked, stay here for the next round. I wish you very all the best for the next round, hope you’ll be here.
Me: Thank you so much sir.

This total discussion done in 90 minutes.


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