Polaris PLSQL Interview Questions

PL/SQL Interview Questions

Polaris PL/SQL Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What is your front end
  3. How to pass data to java
  4. Diff b/w procedure and function
  5. Can we use all kind of function in function
  6. What is trigger and trigger types
  7. Do you know about analytical queries
  8. About partions and pivot operator
  9. What are joins
  10. Can we use join more than one table
  11. Diff b/w implicit and explicit
  12. What is materialized view
  13. I want to create a mv on another database and refresh periodically, is it possible?
  14. What is tunning
  15. What is hint
  16. Do you know sql *loader
  17. What Is Your Roles And Responsibility?
  18. How To Communicate To Your Pm?
  19. Select Count(1) From Dual;,What Is Output?
  20. How To Delete Duplicate Record's From Table Without   Distinct Clause?
  21. How To Retrieve Second Height Salary From Table?
  22. Diff B/W Primary Key & Unique Key?
  23. Diff B/W Procedure & Package?
  24. Which Is Better Procedure Or Package?
  25. What Is Cursor?Types Of Cursor? And Diff B/W Cursors?
  26. What Is Exception? Types Of Exceptions?
  27. Tell Me Some User_Defined Exceptions With Error Codes?
  28. What Is Sqlcode And Sqlerr?
  29. What Is Ref_Cursor? Type Of Ref_Cursors And Diff B/W?
  30. How Give Privilege A One Procedure In Package?
  31. What Is %Type & %Rowtype? What Is Main Use?
  32. How To Improvee Performence?
  33. What Is Bulk Collect? What Is Use Of Limit Clause In Bulk    Collect?
  34. What Is Forall?
  35. What Is Merge Statement? Give Me Syntax?
  36. What Is View? Use Of View's?
  37. What Is Nocopy Clause?Where It Is Used?
  38. What Are The Environments Are There In Your Company?
  39. How To Connect Your Database?
  40. What Are The Shartcut Of Compile & Execution of programes In Sql Developer Tool?
  41. Are you faced Any Trouble In Your Project?
  42. What Are The Module's , You Are Working?
  43. Which Will Fire Default First Statement Level Or Row Level   Trigger?
  44. What is bulkcollect? And any restrictions in bulkcollect?
  45. What is the use of limit clause in bulkcollect?
  46. How to debugg your code?
  47. How to trace error handling?
  48. How to find which line error was raised?
  49. What are the methods there in save exceptions?
  50. What is functional based index? Write syntax?
  51. How to update complex view?
  52. Can you alter procedure with in package?
  53. Is it possible to open cursor which is in package in    another procrdure?
  54. What is substr()&instr()?
  55. Difference between case and decode?
  56. Can you use sysdate in check constraints? If no, why?
  57. Difference between column level constraints & table level    constraints?
  58. What is optimizer?
  59. What is nested_loop join?
  60. What is pivot operater?
  61. Tell me some oracle 10g features?
  62. What is m_view?
  63. What is master & detail tables?
  64. What is sqlcode and sqlerrm?
  65. Diff b/w procedure & packages?
  66. What are the dis_adv of packages?

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