Fitness Journey - Monkey Bars workout

At first, the thought of starting a monkey bars workout was daunting. As a newcomer, I had never hung on bars before and was afraid to give it a try.

However, thanks to the guidance and encouragement of my yoga guru and fitness enthusiast, Mr. Surendra Yellanki, I took the leap and started by simply hanging from the bars.

Hareesh Pothuguntla Monkey Bars Workout

Within a month, I had developed a strong grip and was able to hang on for more than a minute. I progressed to doing the monkey bars workout with both hands, without crossing bars, and was completing one round only after two months of practice. Now, I can complete at least 4 to 5 rounds without taking a break, and even cross bars with a single hand.

I'm constantly pushing myself to do more and improve my fitness, and I'm excited to share my progress with others.

Check out my fitness journey video featuring my monkey bars workout! 🐒💪 It has been an incredible experience, and I hope to inspire others to prioritize their health and wellness too.


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