Model in OAF

Model will take care about all database related transactions in OAF pages.
Model in OAF,

Major components of model are:
  • BC4J components
  • Callable Statement
  • Prepare Statement
  • OADB Transactions
BC4J Components :

Application Module:
Serves as a container for related BC4J objects.
Provides transaction context.
Establish database connection.

Entity Object & Entity Association:
There are 2 types of Entity Objects
  • PL/SQL based Entity Objects
  • Java based Entity Objects
PL/SQL based Entity Object to perform the DML operations on the standard (Seeded) tables and Java Based Entity Object to perform the DML operations on the custom tables.

  • Encapsulates business rules and logic.
  • Mainly used by any program that inserts, updates or deletes data.
  • Provides consistent data validation across all application.
  • May be linked to other entity objects by entity association objects.

Entity Association is the relationship between two Entity Objects having one common column. It is to perform DML operations on Master Detail page.

View Object  & View Link:
There are 4 types of View Objects.

Manual VO: Nothing but writing our own SQL query
Automatic VO: Selecting an Entity Object
Validation VO: Validating the data in the Database, example using WHERE condition in the SELECT statement.
Property VO: Attributes / columns without Data Base columns comes under property VO. These attributes are also called as Transient attributes.

Automatic VO is to perform DML operations while Manual VO is to perform SELECT statement.
  • Encapsulates a database query.
  • Provide iteration over the query result set.
  • Primarily based on Entity Objects (EO) or may be based on plain SQL or may be based on multiple Eos.
  • Provides single point of contact for getting and setting Eos values.
View Link is the relationship between two View Objects having one common column in both the VO’s.

It is to display Master Detail data.

Callable statements :
It is used to call a PL/SQL statements.

Prepare statements :
Used when we are using single SELECT statement.

OADB transactions :
Will take care of Oracle APPS related database transactions.

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