Query to know Specific Journal Entry is Unposted or Posted

Query to know Specific Journal Entry is Unposted or Posted, askhareesh blog for oracle apps

select   b.je_batch_id  batchid ,
            h.je_header_id  headerid ,
            l.je_line_num  lineno ,
            l.code_combination_id  ccid ,
            g.segment1 || '.' || g.segment2 || '.' || g.segment3 ||
            '.' || g.segment4 || '.' || g.segment5 || '.' || g.segment6 ||
            '.' || g.segment7 || '.' || g.segment8 || '.' || g.segment9 ||
            '.' || g.segment10 combination ,
            l.entered_dr    entered_dr,
            l.entered_cr    entered_cr,
            l.accounted_dr  accounted_dr,
            l.accounted_cr  accounted_cr,
from     gl_je_lines l,
            gl_je_headers h,
            gl_je_batches b,
            gl_code_combinations g
where   h.je_header_id = l.je_header_id
and       b.je_batch_id = h.je_batch_id
and       h.je_header_id = &je_header_id
and       l.code_combination_id = g.code_combination_id
order by h.je_header_id, l.je_line_num;


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