Oaf Interview Questions

Oaf Interview Questions, www.askhareesh.com
1.  What is an EO?
  • Map to a database table or other data source
  • Each entity object instance represents a single row
  • Contains attributes representing database columns
  • Fundamental BC4J object through which all inserts/updates/deletes interact with the database
  • Central point for business logic and validation related to a table
  • Encapsulates attribute-level and entity-level validation logic
  • Can contain custom business methods
2. What is a VO?
  • Represent a query result
  • Are used for joining, filtering, projecting, and sorting your business data
  • Can be based on any number of entity objects
  • Can also be constructed from a SQL statement
3. What are the methods in controller?
ProcessRequest, ProcessformData and processformrequest
  • ProcessRequest : is called when the page is requested for the first time from the server. 
  • ProcessFormRequest : is called when some event occurs on the page
  • ProcessformData(not visible) : Used to capture Data from the form fields which the user has entered and post it into Model Layer.
4. What is a Controller?
Controller is the java file and can be associated to a complete OAF page or to a specific region.
There are several tasks you will do routinely in your code.
  • Handle button press and other events
  • Automatic queries
  • Dynamic WHERE clauses
  • Commits
  • JSP Forwards
The logic for accomplishing all these tasks is written in controller.

5. When is the processRequest method called?

PR method is called when the page is getting rendered onto the screen.

6. When is processFormRequest method called?

PFR method is called when we perform some action on the screen like click of submit button or click on lov.

7. What is extension?

Extension is when you take an already existing component ex an OAF page or a region and then add some more functionality to it without disturbing the original functionality.

8. What is personalization?

Oracle Apps Framework has an OA Personalization Framework associated with it so that you can personalize any OAF page in an Oracle E-business Suite application without changing the basic or underlying code of that OA Framework page, Oracle Application Framework makes it very easy to personalize the appearance of the page or even the personalization of data displayed on to an OA Framework page.

9. What are levels of personalization?

    1. Function Level
    2. Localization Level
    3. Site Level
    4. Organization Level
    5. Responsibility Level
    6. Admin-Seeded User Level
    7. Portlet Level
    8. User Level
10. What is BC4J?
Business Components for Java is JDeveloper’s programming framework for building multitier database applications from reusable business components. These applications typically consist of:
    • A client-side user interface written in Java and/or HTML.
    • One or more business logic tier components that provide business logic and views of business objects.
    • Tables on the database server that store the underlying data.


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