Oaf Interview Questions Part8

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71. How do you map the LOV created to your base page?
One of the items in the page has to be MessageLOVInput which extends the new LOV region, apart from this LOV mappings between base page and LOV region have to be created.

72. What is the default top region of any new page that you create?
PageLayout is the top level default region

73.At what level region controller for a page can be set?
It can be under a Main region under PageLayoutRegion or any region as per the business need. Provision of defining multiple controllers for a page also exist.

74.   PPR follows GET or POST flow?
POST flow

75.   What is the extension to the tool for developing OA F components?
Jdeveloper OA Extension class support the OA F development

76. What are the methods in controller?
ProcessRequest and processformrequest

77. What is a Controller?
Controller is the java file and can be associated to a complete OAF page or to a specific region.
There are several tasks you will do routinely in your code.
  • Handle button press and other events
  • Automatic queries
  • Dynamic WHERE clauses
  • Commits
  • JSP Forwards
The logic for accomplishing all these tasks is written in controller

78. When is the processRequest method called?
PR method is called when the page is getting rendered onto the screen

79. When is processFormRequest method called?
PFR method is called when we perform some action on the screen like click of submit button or click on lov

80. What are levels of personalization?
1. Function Level
2. Localization Level
3. Site Level
4. Organization Level
5. Responsibility Level
6. Admin-Seeded User Level
7. Portlet Level
8. User Level


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