Oaf Interview Questions Part10

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91. what is MVC Architecture?
MVC Architecture is a Model View Controller Architecture. The controller responds to user actions and directs application flow. The model encapsulates underlying data and business logic of the application. The view formats and presents data from a model to the user.

92. which is the MVC layer VO located?
VO is located in the View Layer which is responsible for presenting the data to the user.

93. Which package should include EO and AO?
The EO and AO will be present in the schema.server package.

94. What is the difference between inline lov and external lov?
Inline lov is a lov which is used only for that particular page for which it was created and cannot be used by any other page.External lov is a common lov which can be used by any page. It is a common component for any page to use it. It can be used by giving the full path of the lov in the properties section “External LOV” of the item.

95. what is a Java bean?
JavaBeans is an object-oriented programming interface that lets you build re-useable applications or program building blocks called components that can be deployed in a network on any major operating system platform.

96. What is query Bean?
QueryBean is used to execute and return the results of a query on behalf of the QueryPortlet application.

97. what is MDS?
MDS is MetaData Service. When a web page is broken into small units like buttons,fields etc they are stored in a database. These are not stored as binary files but as data in tables. The data are present in JDR tables. MDS provides service to store & return page definitions. MDS collects those definitions in components/fields in a meaningful manner to build a page.

98. Why Should we give retainAM=Y?
The AM should be retained whenever you are navigating away from a page and when you know that there is a possibility to come back to the page again and data is to be retained. Example : Any navigation link that opens in a new page or any navigation which has a back button to come back to the initial page.
The AM should not be retained for two independent pages, especially if they have common VOs which fetch different result sets. In such cases, retaining the AM may not remove the cache of VOs and so the result may not be as expected.

99. What is the significance of addBreadCrumb=Y?
The basic intention of the breadcrumb is to let the user know of the navigation path he took to reach the current page.

100. How do you find right jdev patch for your oracle application version?
Search in oracle.metalink.com as Jdev with OA Extension.


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