Types of Reports in Oracle Applications

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Types of Reports in Oracle Applications

Oracle Reports(D2k): This is the most used tool for reporting on Oracle Applications. Most of reports customization are built with this tool. Once customized the output of the report can be in Excel (Not group By Report), word, Acrobat documents or text format.

Oracle Discoverer:This is an intuitive tool for creating reports and performing on-line analysis.The flexibility of this tool allows the user to create cross tab reports that perform like pivot tables in Excel

Oracle XML Publisher: This is a new Oracle tool for reporting. It enables users to utilize a familiar desktop tool, like MS Word or MS Excel, to create and maintain their own report, XML Publisher merges the custom templates with the concurrent request extracts data to generate output in RTF, PDF, HTML and EXCEL.

Business Intelligence System (BI): This tool provides helps managers to take the right decision with the daily data that is uploaded on their systems.
This tools to provide high level information to run their business such as the profitability of a particular business unit. 

FSG Reports (Financial Statement Generator): Very powerful report building tool for Oracle General Ledger. Benefits of using this tool are that a user can generate financial reports, and schedule reports to run automatically. The only Disadvantage of this tool is that it is only available for the general ledger responsibility and can be used to see only financial account balances.

RXi Report:(Variable reports) :With this tool a user has the ability to print the same report with multiple layouts.This tool is most used on Oracle Financials Applications.