R12.1.X New Features Part2

R12.1.X New Features, www.askhareesh.com
Oracle General Ledger:
  • Single Page for all accounting setup with Accounting Setup Manager.
  • Prevent Accounting errors with Alternate accounts
  • Replacement for Disabled Accounts
  • Prevent unauthorized posting with Control Accounts
  • Simplify security and Data Access and Definition Access sets.
  • Sequential numbering of accounting entries
  • Journal line reconciliation-Journal Batch Copy
  • Historical Data initialization for new reporting currencies and secondary ledgers.
Oracle Payables:
  • Pay on behalf of a different party with 3rd party payments
  • Greater flexibility in defining and calculating discounts for quick payments.
  • Application of withholding taxes at time of invoice validation and during payment
  • Improved resolution for dispute processing with suppliers.
  • Imporve invoice data entry and management with line level entry, approval, matching and tax calculation.
  • Automated netting of Customer and Supplier balance
  • Self-Service invoivce allows employees and suppliers to enter various invoice type online.
  • New interface and data model for supplier managment in TCA.
Oracle Receivables:
  • Streamlined receipt porcessing with cash application work queue.
  • Enhanced performance for high volume receivables processing.
  • Synchronize Cost of Goods Sold(COGS) with Revenue.
  • Increased efficiency with line level cash application.
  • Improved billing communcation with balance forward billing.
  • Create standard late charge polices that can be assigned to customer accounts or account sites.
Oracle Advanced Collections
  • Assign bankruptcy status at the customer level
  • Effectively manage later stage delinquency status assignment at case and contract level.
  • Internal only comment visibility for dispute processing.
  • Streamline system setup and operational maintenance with implementation checklist.
  • Consolidation of collections features provides collections workbench
  • Improved ability to collect with enhanced dispute management.
Oracle Assets
  • Flexible accounting configuration
  • Automated depreciation rollback for selected assets
  • Enhanced mass additions interface for legacy conversions
  • Unplanned depreciation(impairments) for energy industry
  • Unit of production and straight line depreciation methods for O&G industry.
  • Flexible reporting with BI Publisher.


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