Basics of Core HRMS in Oracle Apps Part4

Basics of Core HRMS in Oracle Apps


Navigation: Payroll --> Description

For faster pay processing, a group of employees are sorted using Payroll, whose pay processing can be done with a single frequency. The payroll frequency could be monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, daily etc. An employee is put on a payroll by assigning the payroll to the employee assignment. Payroll data is date tracked. To assign a payroll to an employee assignment, the payroll needs to be effective as of the effective date of the assignment.



Payment Methods
Navigation: Payroll --> Payment Methods
Payment method is the way by which the employee would prefer to receive the pay. Payment method could be check, cash or NACHA.



Consolidation Set
Navigation: Payroll --> Consolidation
A consolidation set must be selected before starting a payroll run. The consolidation set provides essential labeling for each payroll run.

Benefits and Compensation
Compensation and benefits for the employees are the integral part for any enterprise. The compensations and benefits can be setup in Oracle HRMS. All types of compensation and benefits and the rules that determine who will be paid what benefits, when and how often could be set up. With the date track option available, future dated changes can be done to take care of policy changes. Compensation heads such as earnings, deductions and other items set ups is discussed here. Please, refer the Appendix – A for benefits set ups. These heads are set up using elements.

Navigation: Total Compensation --> Basic --> Element Description
This data is date tracked. The effective date for an element could be selected such that any historical entries could be made. Reporting name of the element is the name that appears on the reports. Primary classification states the purpose of the element. E.g. earnings, information, Employer liabilities, voluntary deductions etc.

Type of the element could be recurring (occurring periodically) or nonrecurring (occurring just once). Termination rule would be the rule when the element entries need to be stopped for an employee. Generally, Actual Termination is selected. Multiple Entries Allowed should be checked to receive more than one entry.
INPUT AND Output currencies will be based on the legislation. Additional information is stored in the Further Information field.

Input Value
Navigation: Total Compensation --> Basic --> Element Description --> Input Values
Up to 12 input values can be defined for an element. This data is date tracked. The name should be entered and the units. Units could be Hours, Money etc. To hold the payroll run results, the input value needs to be defined as Pay Value. The element input value could be required or optional. Default, minimum and maximum values could be entered. Minimum and Maximum value will help in validation.

Element Link
Navigation: Total Compensation --> Basic --> Link
Element links are used to determine which group of people is eligible for which elements.
The element, for which the link has to be created, needs to be selected in the window. In the eligibility criteria, the element can be linked to an organization, Job, Grade, People Group, Location, Position, Payroll, Employment Category and Salary Basis. The check box ‘Link To All Payrolls’ will link the element to all the employees.



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