Payables Supplier Reports

Payables Supplier Reports

Payables Supplier Reports

Invalid PO Supplier Notice: Use the Invalid PO Supplier Notice to create a notice informing a supplier that you placed an invoice on hold because the supplier did not provide a purchase order number for matching or you could not use the purchase order number provided by the supplier. Payables creates a notice for each supplier with invoices to which you have manually applied an Invalid PO hold.

Purchase Order Header Updates Report: Use the Purchase Order Header Updates Report to review purchase orders updated by the Supplier Merge program

Supplier Audit Report: Use the Supplier Audit Report to help identify potential duplicate suppliers. For example, you enter a supplier named Oracle Corporation, and another supplier named Oracle Corp. This report lists active suppliers whose names are the same up to a specified number of characters. The report ignores case, spaces, special characters, etc.

Supplier Customer Netting Report: This report displays the net balance in Oracle Payables and Oracle Receivables for any Suppliers and Customers who have the same name, NIF Code, or VAT Registration. For example, if you sell to Kline Manufacturing, but you also purchase goods from them, they are considered both a customer and a supplier

Supplier Mailing Labels: Use this report to create mailing labels for supplier sites. You can order your labels by supplier or by postal code. You can print mailing labels for any of your supplier’s active sites.

Supplier Merge Report: The Supplier Merge Program is a utility you can use to maintain your supplier records. You can use it to merge duplicate suppliers into a single, consolidated supplier. You can use it to merge transactions within the same supplier from one supplier site to a different suppler site. You can choose to merge all transactions for a suppler into a new supplier, or you can just choose to merge unpaid invoices. This option is useful in the case of an acquisition. In that case you may want to leave all of the transaction history with the original supplier and only merge unpaid invoices to the new supplier who now wants to receive the payments

Supplier Open Balance Letter: Use this report for auditing purposes or to periodically inform your suppliers of open balances. This letter contains an introductory paragraph, individual transaction information, and the outstanding balance due for a supplier site as of a specific date.

Supplier Paid Invoice History Report: You can submit the Supplier Paid Invoice History Report by supplier or supplier type to review payment history, discounts taken, and
frequency of partial payments. The report lists supplier payments alphabetically by supplier and site. Payables separates invoice amounts paid in foreign currencies from
invoice amounts paid in your functional currency by printing a subtotal of the paid invoices by currency.

Supplier Payment History Report: Use the Supplier Payment History Report to review the payment history for a supplier, or a group of suppliers with the same supplier type. You can submit this report by supplier or supplier type to review the payments you made during a time range you specify. This report provides totals for the payments made to each supplier site, each supplier, and all suppliers included in the report. If you choose to
include the invoice details, Payables displays the paid invoice’s invoice number, date, invoice amount, and amount paid by the payment. This report also displays the void payments for a supplier site, but does not include the amount of the void payment in the payment total for that supplier site.

Suppliers Report: Use the Suppliers Report to review detailed information about your
supplier records. You can use this report to verify the accuracy of your current supplier information and to help manage your master listing of supplier records. Payables provides detailed information for each supplier, and optionally, supplier site, including the user who created the supplier/site, creation date, pay group, payment terms, bank
information, and other supplier or site information.


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