Oracle Payroll Query

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Oracle payroll is nothing 

1) Group of employees
2) Assignment Sets
3) Consolidation Sets

Payrolls are about grouping employees into categories how they are paid in oracle.
Assignment sets to process employees in sub-groups Ex: Monthly pay, Weekly Pay
Consolidation set is used to group results for post-Processing

Batch Submission and Quick pay options for processing pay for a group of employees or individual. Quick pay option  used when en employee Terminated.

Quick Pay:

Quick pay option is used when employee leaving organization , and need to process separately from the remaining payroll, You can use quick pay to make simple calculations and rollback the process for that employee .

Retro Pay:
Allows you to back pay employees in the current  payroll run 

Advanced Pay:
Allows you to pay employees in advance in the current payroll run. Both advance pay and Retro pay must be run before process the payroll.