Rules for creating a table

Rules for creating a table, AskHareesh blog for Oracle Apps

Rules for creating a table

  • Table names & column names must begin with a letter and be 1–30 characters.
  • Table names must begin with a character A–Z or a–z.
  • Names may contain characters, numerals and special characters like A–Z, a–z,0–9, _ (underscore), $, and # (legal characters, but their use is discouraged).
  • The name must not be same as the name of any other object in your schema.
  • Names must not be an Oracle Server reserved word.
  • Table names are not case sensitive. If you create a table with upper, lower or a mixed case the table’s names are stored only the upper case in the data dictionary.
  • If you want to create a table with the name in lower case characters, then you must enclose the table name within double quotes while creating the table.
  • The no of columns in a table can be up to a maximum of 1000.
  • The column names in the table must be unique. However, column names can be duplicated across tables.
CREATE TABLE [schema.]
  [DEFAULT ] [,…..]

deptno NUMBER(2),
dname VARCHAR2(14),
loc VARCHAR2(13)


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