One of my Best Interviews at Tech Mahindra

One of my Best Interviews at Tech Mahindra
This is one of my best interviews. This great one was happened with Tech Mahindra.  Cleared written Test with sectional cut off marks out of 170 bits in 70 min.

Technical Round :

TR : Mr. Hareesh
Me : Yes sir
TR :  Take your seat and by the way so nice name
Me : Thank You sir
TR : How are you hareesh? How was ur journey?
Me : Fine, So cool from morning sir. What about you sir?
TR : good man, shall we start?
Me : sure sir
TR : you are from the electronics background, how are you  fit for IT?
Me : I committed to software development and more than I done Oracle certification in java. I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, adobe Photoshop CS6, Database concepts. I developed and designed two blogs. So . . .
TR: Why you turned IT side? Can you give me an example?
Me : When I click on the submit button of an application or anything like that, I scared to know how the result is coming. I am very enthusiastic to know about that. That interest turned me to this IT side.
TR : kk, any reason to join us?
Me : When I was in intermediate , it is  my dream to be a part of Satyam Computers. I don’t know the exact reason till now, but most of my friends said that, it is  a good company which will give good life.
TR : oh, really!!
Me : yes sir,
TR : Tell me the compiler usage?
Me : For checking the syntactical errors
TR : I think it is not only the reason
Me : The compilation code is not understandable to the users.
TR : You are around the jackpot but note exact.
Me : To achieve the platform in-dependency by creating .class file.

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