Introduction to Oracle HRMS

Introduction to Oracle HRMS
Oracle Applications for Human Resources enable an organization to hire, train, and deploy, assess, motivate and reward its people more effectively than ever before, turning HR into a strategic-level function and key contributor to an organization's success. By automating its administrative duties, providing self-service for non-HR professionals, and managing information more efficiently, HR professionals can devote their energy and creativity to delivering the maximum value for the organization's investment in people.

Oracle Human Resources (HR) is a proactive management solution that helps control costs while developing and supporting an effective workforce. Among the many features of Oracle HR is the ability to:
  • Manage the entire recruitment cycle.
  • Design organizational models that match current and future business strategies and objectives.
  • Perform position management by defining and recording required skills, competencies, experience and qualifications for positions, jobs and organizations.
  • Perform career management functions relating to the definition of competencies, assessments, suitability matching, graphical ranking, and succession planning.
  • Administer and maintain benefits plans, coverage levels, and contribution allocations.
  • Manage salary proposals, and approve these by component.
  • Use spreadsheets to export compensation and benefit details for comparison with external survey figures.

Oracle Human Resources provides the shortest route to fast, smart human resource managementOracle HRMS is an integrated suite of applications that supports all aspects of the HR function. It includes:
  • Oracle Human Resources (HR)
  • Oracle Payroll
  • Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR)
  • Oracle Performance Management
  • Oracle iRecruitment
  • Oracle Time & Labor (OTL)
  • Oracle Learning Management
  • Oracle Advanced Benefits (OAB)
  • Oracle HRMS Intelligence (HRMSi)