Oracle Unified Method (OUM)

Oracle is evolving the Oracle Unified Method (OUM) to achieve the vision of supporting the entire Enterprise IT Lifecycle, including support for the successful implementation of every Oracle product. OUM replaces the Legacy Methods, such as AIM Advantage, AIM for Business Flows, EMM Advantage, PeopleSoft's Compass, and Siebel's Results Roadmap. Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Partners are encouraged to transition to OUM.

OUM provides an implementation approach that is rapid, broadly adaptive, and business-focused. OUM includes a comprehensive project and program management framework and materials to support Oracle's growing focus on enterprise-level IT strategy, architecture, and governance.

OUM includes three Focus Areas – Manage, Envision, and Implement. OUM's Manage focus area provides a framework in which all types of projects can be planned, estimated, controlled, and completed in a consistent manner. OUM’s Envision focus area deals with development and maintenance of enterprise level IT strategy, architecture, and governance. Envision also assists in the transition from enterprise-level planning and strategy activities to the identification and initiation of specific projects. The Implement focus area provides a framework to develop and implement Oracle-based business solutions with precise development and rapid deployment.

The diagram below shows how the Envision, Manage, and Implement focus areas fit together to form OUM:
Oracle Unified Method (OUM), askHareesh blog for Oracle Apps

OUM Approach

OUM is built on five main principles derived from the Unified Process, the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), and Oracle's existing methods. Those are:
  • Iterative and Incremental
  • Business Process and Use Case-Driven
  • Architecture-Centric
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Risk-Focused
Why Use OUM?
  • More Focused Effort
  • Built-In Flexibility 
  • Saves Time 
  • Higher Quality 
  • More Cost Effective 
  • Reduce Project Risk
  • Iterations/Increments/Releases
  • Activities
  • Work Products

If you are a OPN member you can download the latest updated version of OUM from the link below
Password to open the ZIP file will be provided on the same page.


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