Oracle Applications Basic Interview Questions

Oracle Applications Interview Questions 

1. Which modules you trained in oracle apps?
2.Which reports you've done? 
3.Which Interfaces have you done?
4.What is Interface?
5.what is the use of Inbound Interface?
6.Explain about AP Interface?
7.What are mandatory columns in AP Interface?
8.Which tables did you used in AP Interface?
9.Difference between Conversion and Interface?
10.When will we use conversion?
11.How to display vendor details in GL Report and what is the link?
12.What is Procedure?
13.What is Function? When will we use it?
14.XML Registration steps?
15.PO Process?
16.RDF Registration steps?
17.What is Form Personalization? Which pages you personalize?
18.Which triggers you use in Form Personalization?
19.What is exception? How many types?
20. Difference between Predefined exceptions and User defined exceptions?
21.If we write any exception after when others then what will be the error?
22.Can we create Package Body without specification?
23.Can we create Package Specification without Body?
24.Form Customization steps? When will we give form name in Registration?
25.What is Profile? How many levels?
26.What are Site level Profiles?
27.Which profile in GL?
28.Which Profile added in R12?
29.What is Sql*loader? Which command used in Sql*loader to load data?
30.What is TCA? What are the changes made in TCA in R12?
31. What are PO Tables?
31. What are Inventory Tables?
33.What are Sub ledger Accounting Tables?


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