D2K Reports basics part2

Report Wizard:

• When we create a default Tabular Report using report wizard, the wizard will take you through the below mentioned pages
• Report Style Tabular, Form-Like, Mailing Label, Form Letter, Group Left, Group

Above, Matrix, Matrix with Group

• Query Type Choose whether to build a SQL query or an Express query.
• Data Enter a SELECT statement to retrieve the report data.
• Displayed Fields Select the fields that you want to display in the output.
• Fields to Total Select the fields that you want to summarize.
• Labels for Fields Alter the labels that appear for each field and the width of each field.
• Template Select the template that you want to use for this report. A template contains standard information such as company logo, date, and so on.

Note: The above steps are different for each report style.

Group Left & Have an additional page: ‘Groups’

Group Above styles

Matrix Reports styles Have 3 additional pages:
 ‘Matrix Rows’ ‘Columns’ ‘Cells’ Mailing Label & Have 4 pages: ‘Report Style’ ‘Data’
Form Letter styles ‘Text’ ‘Template’

The difference between Mailing Labels and Form Letters is, Mailing Label shows multiple records on one page while Form Letter shows one record on each page.

Triggers in Reports:

Types of Triggers:

Formula Triggers: Formula triggers are PL/SQL functions that populate columns of type Formula.

Format Triggers: Format triggers are PL/SQL functions executed before the object is formatted. These triggers are used to dynamically change the formatting attributes and used to conditionally print and not to print a report column value. These triggers return Boolean values TRUE or FALSE. If the return value of the format trigger is FALSE, the value is not displayed.

Action Triggers: Action triggers are used to perform user-defined action. These triggers do not return any value.

Validation Triggers: Validation triggers are PL/SQL functions that are executed when a parameter value is entered and the cursor moves to the next parameter. These triggers return Boolean value TRUE / FALSE.

Report Triggers: Report triggers enable execution of PL/SQL functions at specific time during execution and formatting of report.

Trigger Firing Sequence: 

Before Parameter :
Fires before the Runtime Parameter Form are displayed. Can access the PL/SQL 
global variables, report level columns and manipulate accordingly.

After Parameter:
Fires after the Runtime Parameter form are displayed. Used to validate the parameter values.

Before Report:
Fires before the report is executed but after the queries is parsed and date is fetched.

Between Pages:
Fires before each page of the report are formatted, except the very first page.
This page is used to customize page formatting.

After Report:
Fires after the report previewer are exited, or after report output is sent to a specified destination.