Balances in payroll

Balances in payroll,

  • Balances are used to store values of various elements over a time period of time. 
  • You can use balances to record calculation of  employee sick leaves over a time period.
  • Balances are fed by elements or classifications . You can't use combination of both . You must use one of them.
  • When you defining  the method of feeding to balances can also define whether the run results should add or subtract.
  • Balances can exist in different dimensions like current run, period to date ,Quarter to date and year to date.
  • You can use balances at person level or assignment level. Employees more then one assignment at time can have balances stored at person level. But, Individual balances stores at assignment level
  • You can adjust employee earnings , deductions or tax balances at any time during .
  • You can also rollback or retry balances  for an  assignment  or payroll without retrying or rolling back entire payroll action.

Balance tables: