R12.1.X New Features

R12.1.X New Features, www.askhareesh.com
Ledger Architecture
  • Ledgers: Define by Chart of Accounts, Calendars, Currency and Accounting Conventions.
  • Ledger Sets: Group of Ledgers sharing the Same Chart of Accounts and Currency.
Centralized and Flexible Rules based Accounting Engine
  • Ruled based engine with configurable accounting rules
  • Single source of truth for accounting, reconciliation and reporting with common data model and repository and posting engine.
  • Consistent data model and user interface across all subledgers.
Centralized Legal Entity Management
  • Manage Legal Corporate Structure
  • Link tax, intercompany, bank account and accounting functions
  • Isolate legal compliance issues at legal entity from the management and security issues at operating Unit.
Centralized Banking and Payments
  • Single user interface for all setup and maintenance related to banks and internal bank accounts.
  • Centralized management of all funds capture and disbursements
  • Centralized credit card management.
Centralized Global Tax Processing
  • Centralized Tax Engine with single data model for rules and transactions across geographes and applications
  • Centralized tax repository for global visibility
  • Simplified tax configuration across legal entities and oracle apps.
Advanced Global Intercompany system
  • Centralized intercompany and intracompany accounts setup
  • Fully configurable approval rules and invoicing options.
  • Physical Payables and Receivables intercompany invoice generation.


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