Steps to customize the PO Approval Workflow

Steps to customize the PO Approval Workflow,AskHareesh Blog for OracleApps

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1. Take the seeded workflow (POAPPRV)

2. Right click on the Item TYpe and create a new Item TYpe .
3. Open the Seeded Workflow(POAPPRV) in other window .
4. Copy and paste ATTRIBUTES, NOTIFICATIONs, FUNCTIONS and PROCESSES etc from the the seeded workflow to the Newly named workflow .
5. Verify the workflow
6. Customize the new workflow according to your needs.
7. Save the changes and port it to Oracle.

Login with a PO Super User responsibility, go to Setup -> Document Types, select the PO types for which you want to use the custom workflow, and change workflow fields 'Approval Workflow' and 'Workflow Startup Process' to the new ones.

Download this document : Click Here