Difference between 11i and R12 in Oracle Apps

Difference between 11i and R12 in Oracle Apps, askhareesh.com

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R12 is the latest version of the E-Business Suite and defined as Global Business Release Focusing on working, thinking and managing Global Organization.

  • A single responsibility to access and transact on multiple organizations.
  • A single ledger to manage multiple currencies.
  • Ledger sets to manage accounting processes across ledgers.
  • Centralized rules engines for tax, accounting and inter company.
  • A separate and simple payment creation and delivery solution.
  • Centralized trading partners (suppliers, banks, first party legal entities).
  • Simplified reporting via XML Publisher.
  • Netting across trading partners.

Main Changes in Oracle Release 12:
  • Multiple Ledgers- From Set of Books to Ledgers and Ledger Sets.
  • Legal Entities and Accounting Setup.
  • From Product Accounting to Sub ledger Accounting. (SLA)
  • Shared Service Access Controls - From Multi-Org to Multi-Access-MOAC (Multi Org Access Control) - Role based access to Operating Unit.
  • Oracle Payments and Banking - Centralized Bank Model- Centralized Payment Processing (Shared Services Disbursements and Receipts)
  • from Multi-Tax Codes to E-Business Tax (EB Tax).
  • Intercompany using Advanced Global Intercompany (AGIS).