Form Personalization: Open Sales Order form with parameters

We can open a standard form with parameters. In this case, We are going to open Sales order by passing header id parameter


  • Open the Form FMB file from Form Builder
  • Check the parameters that are in the form
  • Use parameter to pass as input in the form function
  • Create a personalization to trigger event
  • Create action to set default where clause
  • Create action to execute the query

Open Sales Order form and do personalize

  • Go to Help --> Diagnostics --> Custom Code --> Personalize

Create a personalization à Condition à Trigger Event

  • Trigger the event when input header id parameter passed

Create an action set default where condition

  • Set the default where clause by using input header id parameter

Create another action to execute the query

  • Execute the Query to see the relates sales order in the form for the input header id parameter that is passed


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