Oaf Interview Questions Part15

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141. How to Extend a VO which is having View Link?
VO extension will take of viewlink by itself So we can extend this VO as usual VO Extension.

142.What is the Purpose of Serializable in OAF?
To Pass Multiple parameters of different type as a single

143. How to Synchronize an Entity Object (EO) with Data Base?
Step 1 : Right click on Entity Object(EO) and click on “Synchronize with DataBase..”
Step 2 : Double Click on the EO, Click on Attributes in the left Panel and then Click on “New from Table….”

144. What are the methods in controller?
Controller is having three type of methods they are
1. ProcessRequest
3. ProcessFormData

145. How do you catch the button event on ProcessFormRequest Method?
if (pageContext.getParameter(.EVENT_PARAM). equals(“update”)) Here update is the event.

146. How to create a Dynamic VO?
OAApplicationModule am = oapagecontext.getApplicationModule(oawebbean);
String DynamicVOQuery = “select a.scheduled_start_date,a.wip_entity_id,b.wip_entity_name from                                                   WIP_DISCRETE_JOBS a,WIP_ENTITIES b “;
DynamicVOQuery = DynamicVOQuery + "where a.wip_entity_id=b.wip_entity_id and wip_entity_name = :1 ";
         OAViewObject DynamicViewObject =(OAViewObject) am.findViewObject("DynamicVO");
         if(DynamicViewObject == null) {
         DynamicViewObject =(OAViewObject) am.createViewObjectFromQueryStmt("DynamicVO ", DynamicVOQuery);
         DynamicViewObject.executeQuery();         oracle.jbo.Row row1 =DynamicViewObject.first();
         if(row1 != null)
         {         String mFndUserDescription = row1.getAttribute(0).toString();         }
         DynamicViewObject.remove();         }

147. When is processFormRequest method called?
ProcessFormRequest(PFR)t method is called when we perform some action on the screen like click of submit button or click on Go or any action perform on the page the result is displayed is called PFR.

148. Which package should include EO and AO?
The EO and AO will be present in the schema.server package.

149.What is Activation and Passivation in OAF?
Passivation is the process of saving application state to a secondary medium (the database) at specific event points so it can be restored (activated) when needed. This restoration of data is called Activation. Passivation in OAF is done implicitly when the appropriate profile options are enabled.

150. What is Validation View Object(VVO), Validation Application Module , Root Application Module , View Link , Entity Expert , Association Object , Attribute Set?
Validation View Object – A view object created exclusively for the purpose of performing light-weight SQL validation on behalf of entity objects or their experts.

Validation Application Module – An application module created exclusively for the purpose of grouping and providing transaction context to related validation view objects. Typically, a standalone entity object or the top-level entity object in a composition would have an associated validation application module.

Root Application Module – Each pageLayout region in an OA Framework application is associated with a “root” application module which groups related services and establishes the transaction context.
This transaction context can be shared by multiple pages if they all reference the same root application module, and instruct the framework to retain this application module (not return it to the pool) when navigating from page to page within the transaction task.

View Link – Establishes a master/detail relationship between two view objects
Entity Expert – A special singleton class registered with an entity object (EO) that performs operations on behalf of the EO.

Association Object – BC4J association objects implement the relationships between entity objects. For example, a purchase order header can reference a supplier, or it can own its order lines.

Attribute Set – Bundles of region or item properties that can be reused either as is or with modifications. For example, all buttons sharing the same attribute set would have the same label and Alt text.


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