Oaf Interview Questions Part13

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121. What is SPEL?
It is an expression that will either return TRUE or FALSE.

122. Where is a SPEL used?
SPEL is used in places where you want to show or hide an item programatically.

123. What is PPR?
PPR is Partial Page rendering. Which means that only a particular part of the page is refreshed and not the entire page.
Examples of PPR scenarios:
[*]Hiding/Showing Objects[/*]
[*]Read only/Updatable[/*]

124. How do you generate stack of exception and display the list of error messages in OAF page?
Create an arrayList of exceptions then do a raiseBundledException.

125. What is the significance of ProcessFormData method?
Fires when page submit happens..

126. Describe the steps for VO Extension?
  • Identify VO to be extended.And Copy to your machine from server.
  • Create new Vo in xx.oracle.apps package and extend parent VO.
  • Create substitution in jdev.
  • Deploy extended VO to $JAVA_TOP.
  • Load jpx file to database using jpximporter..
127. How to enable personlization?
  • Login to the application.
  • Click on Functional Administrator responsibility.
  • Click on Core Services Tab.
  • Click on Profiles.
  • Enter Pers%Self% in Name and click Go.
  • In the results you will see Personalise Self-Service Defn.Update it and enter Yes in the Site Value
128. When we should bounce the page?
Want to answer this section? use the comment section.

129. What is the command used to import an oaf page and region?
java oracle.jrad.tools.xml.importer.XMLImporter $JAVA_TOP/ -username <>-password <>-dbconnection “(DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=[LINK=http://cpa51d.cpa.bdoutsource.com/][/LINK])(PORT=1558)) (CONNECT_DATA= (SID=<>) ) )” -rootdir . ;

130. Where to locate the definition of standard OAF Pages and regions?
 : $APPL_TOP/icx/11.5.0/mds/por/ — for purchasing


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