Naming Convention in OAF

Naming Convention in OAF,
Length of File Name:
  • File names are limited to 30.3 characters for OA Extension XML files ( for Java files).
Length of Object Name (regions, items, and so on):
  • For performance reasons, object names (internal ID’s) are limited to 30 characters.
  • Common abbreviations are acceptable to keep names as short as possible.
  • Acceptable abbreviations can be instantly understood by a third party consultant.
  • Object names in pages must be unique in the entire page.
  • Most names follow Java naming convention (mixed case).
Naming Standards for a Page:
  • The page name should convey the object it Presents.
  • Page name ends with PG:- <object name>PG
  • Example: EmpSearchPG, EmployeePG, SupplierPG
Naming Standards for a Region:

  • The region name should convey the object it Presents.
  • Region name ends with RN: <object name>RN
  • Example: MainRN, EmpSearchRN, PoHeaderRN

Naming Standards for an Object:
  • EmpName, SearchEmpName, ResultsEmpName
Naming Standards for an Entity Object:
  • The EO should be named for the objects stored in its  underlying entity.
  • Entity Object name ends with EO:- <EntityName>EO
  • Example: EmployeeEO, SupplierEO, PurchaseOrderHeaderEO.
Naming Standards for an Entity Association Object:
  • The AO name should convey the relationship between a parent and its child entities.
  • Entity Association name ends with AO:-<parent>TO<child>AO
  • Example: PoHeaderToLinesAO, SupplierToSitesAO, DepartmentToEmployeeAO
Naming Standards for a View Object:
  • The VO name should convey the nature of the query.
  • View Object name ends with VO:- <Descriptive Name>VO
  • Example: EmployeeVO, SupplierVO, PurchaseOrderVO.
Naming Standards for a View Link:
  • The VL name should convey the relationship between the master and detail VOs.
  • View Link name ends with VL:- <Master>To<Detail>VL
  • Example: EmployeeToDepartmenstVL, PoHeaderToLinesVL
Naming Standards for an Application Module:
  • The AM name should convey the purpose of the UI module it services.
  • Application Module name ends with AM:-  <ModuleName>AM
  • Example: HelloWorldAM, EmployeesAM, SupplierAM.


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