Controller in OAF

  • Controller will take care of the web browser activities.
  • Manages the flow between pages.
  • It controls the UI behavior.
  • Define how your java beans behave.
  • Classes subclass OAControllerImpl.
  • OAPageBean is the main OA Framework page processing class.
There are 3 methods in controller to handle GET and POST requests.
  • Process Request (HTTP get).
  • Process Form Request (HTTP post).
  • Process Form Data.
Process Request: This will handle HTTP get example while loading the page displaying the default items.

Process Form Request: This will handle HTTP post. Process form request to perform any actions after loading the page.

Process Form Data: This page is invoked upon a browser ‘post’. During this phase the framework will automatically applies changes back to the underlying view objects. Rarely custom code is required in this phase. If exceptions are thrown during this phase the phase is skipped and the page redisplays with the error message.

Clear explanation about MVC is in one image.

Controller in OAF,

Read about parameters in Controller


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