Advantages of Oracle E-Business Suite

Advantages of Oracle E-Business Suite, askhareesh blog for Oracle Apps

Advantages of Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle ERP Suite is based on Oracle Apps framework. What that essentially means to the customers is that no matter which component of the suite you buy, you get the same look and feel.

Oracle Database
The biggest USP of Oracle ERP is that it is based on Oracle Database, which in itself is a market leader. So the Oracle ERP is best placed to take advantage of the advances in the database technology. The buzzword is “If it is in the database, you will get it and get it fast!!”

As far as the components of the suite itself are concerned Oracle Financials is a market leader, Oracle HRMS and Payroll they are catching up pretty fast. So the market indications are pretty positive and you have enough consultants in the market to cash in.

Oracle Apps UI comes in two flavours – The Oracle Forms and the Oracle Self Service Application (HTML). The former is meant for the power user and provides incredibly quick learning curves for people from the finance and other domains who are used to Fox pro and dBase forms.
The Oracle Self Service Application is an HTML based solution and specifically caters to the global organization where Internet plays a major role.

Role Based Security
Oracle has been a pioneer in Database Security systems and the buzz word of Oracle Database is “Unbreakable”. Oracle Apps seem to gain from this legacy of secure systems. The role based security system offered by Oracle Apps is one of the better security models available currently.

Advantage over Best of Breed Software
Best of breed software cater to specific areas like HRMS, Financials etc. If your business is looking for software in only one specific area and you don’t think s/w for the other areas are required, you might be tempted to go for these offering… But one word of caution, in case you go for s/w for other areas where you select another best of breed s/w, you might end up paying exceptional amount of money in integrating the two softwares.

This is where Oracle Apps and other Suite vendors like SAP score over the best of the breed software. Implementing different parts of the suite would be much less costly than best of breed software and getting them to talk to each other.

Fast adoption of standards
By past record Oracle has a good record of adoption of new legal and technological standards which keep arising from time to time. So standards like Rosettanet, uccnet would be adopted as they solidify.

Ease of customization and installation
Oracle has a good record on supporting products. Oracle Apps are quite easy to install and customize according to your business needs.

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