Oaf Interview Questions Part9

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81. What is the difference between inline lov and external lov?
Inline lov is a lov which is used only for that particular page for which it was created and cannot be used by any other page.
External lov is a common lov which can be used by any page. It is a common component for any page to use it. It can be used by giving the full path of the lov in the properties section “External LOV” of the item.

82. what is a Java bean?
Java Beans is an object-oriented programming interface that lets you build re-useable applications or program building blocks called components that can be deployed in a network on any major operating system platform.

83. What is query Bean?
QueryBean is used to execute and return the results of a query on behalf of the QueryPortlet application.

84. what is the difference between autocustomization criteria and result based search?
Results based search generates search items automatically based on the columns on the results table.
In Autocustomization search we need to set what all fields are required to display as a search criteria.

85. what is MDS?
MDS is MetaData Service. When a web page is broken into small units like buttons,fields etc they are stored in a database. These are not stored as binary files but as data in tables. The data are present in JDR tables. MDS provides service to store & return page definitions. MDS collects those definitions in components/fields in a meaningful manner to build a page.

86. What is XML?
XML is a markup language for documents containing structured information.
Structured information contains both content (words, pictures, etc.) and some indication of what role that content plays (for example, content in a section heading has a different meaning from content in a footnote, which means something different than content in a figure caption or content in a database table, etc.).

87. What is the difference between customization and extension?
Customization is under direct user control. The user explicitly selects between certain options. Using customization a user can:
Altering the functionality of an application
Altering existing UI
Altering existing business logic
Extension is about extending the functionality of an application beyond what can be done through personalization. Using extension we can:
Add new functional flows
Extend or override existing business logic
Create New application/module
Create New page
Create New attribute
Extend/Override defaults & validations

88. What is Personalization?
Personalization enables you to declaratively tailor the UI look-and-feel, layout or visibility of page content to suit a business need or a user preference. Using Personalization we can:
• Tailor the order in which table columns are displayed.
• Tailor a query result.
• Tailor the color scheme of the UI.
• Folder Forms
• Do Forms Personalization

89. What is rootAM?
The application module which is associated with the top-level page region (the pageLayout region) is root application module.

90. Why can’t Root AM be extended?
The root AM is loaded first and after that the MDS Substitutions are parsed.
Hence ROOT AM gets loaded even before the time the substitutions definition from MDS layer get worked out.
Obviously, the root am cant substitute itself, hence it can’t be extended


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