Invoice Lines : AP Module 12 Release New Features

Invoice Lines : AP Module 12 Release New Features, askhareesh blog for Oracle Applications

Invoice Lines

Invoice Lines are introduced as an entity between the invoice header and invoice distributions in order to better match the structure of real world invoice documents and improve the flow of information in the Oracle E-Business Suite. With the new model, the invoice header remains unchanged, and continues to store information about the supplier who sent the invoice, the invoice attributes and remittance information. Invoice lines represent the goods (direct or indirect materials), service(s) and/or associated tax/freight/miscellaneous charges invoiced. Invoice distributions store the accounting, allocation and other detail information that makes up the invoice line. In prior releases, a charge allocation table managed the allocations, but this entity is obsolete in Release 12.

During the upgrade, Oracle Payables creates one invoice line for every distribution available in the 11i distributions table, except in the case of reversal pairs where Payables creates one line with a zero amount. Other Release 12 features like Subledger Accounting and E-Business Tax integration require that Payables invoice distributions be stored at the maximum level of detail. Oracle Payables makes this transformation of existing invoice distributions during the upgrade. For example, instead of storing the Exchange Rate Variance and Invoice Price Variance as attributes of an invoice distribution, as in prior releases, Oracle Payables will create a distribution for each of those charges. 


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