Business System Testing (TE) : Oracle AIM Document Templates

Business Requirements Definition (RD) : Oracle AIM Document Templates, askHareesh blog for Oracle apps
  • TE.010 Define testing requirements and strategy
  • TE.020 Develop unit test script
  • TE.030 Develop link test script
  • TE.040 Develop system test script
  • TE.050 Develop systems integration test script
  • TE.060 Prepare testing environments
  • TE.070 Perform unit test
  • TE.080 Perform link test
  • TE.090 perform installation test
  • TE.100 Prepare key users for testing
  • TE.110 Perform system test
  • TE.120 Perform systems integration test
  • TE.130 Perform Acceptance test

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