Application and Technical Architecture (TA) : Oracle AIM Document Templates

Business Requirements Definition (RD) : Oracle AIM Document Templates, askHareesh blog for Oracle apps

  • TA.010 Define Architecture Requirements and Strategy
  • TA.020 Identify Current Technical Architecture
  • TA.030 Develop Preliminary Conceptual Architecture
  • TA.040 Define Application Architecture
  • TA.050 Define System Availability Strategy
  • TA.060 Define Reporting and Information Access Strategy
  • TA.070 Revise Conceptual Architecture
  • TA.080 Define Application Security Architecture
  • TA.090 Define Application and Database Server Architecture
  • TA.100 Define and Propose Architecture Subsystems
  • TA.110 Define System Capacity Plan
  • TA.120 Define Platform and Network Architecture
  • TA.130 Define Application Deployment Plan
  • TA.140 Assess Performance Risks
  • TA.150 Define System Management Procedures


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