XML/BI Publisher Interview Questions Part2

XML/BI Publisher Interview Questions, AskHareesh.blogspot.com
13)I want to create a report output in 10 languages, do I have to create 10 layout templates?
No, BI Publisher provides the required translation for your templates, based on the number of languages installed in your oracle apps environment requires outputs are provided

14)What is the required installation for using BI Pub report?
BI Publisher deskop tool has be installed. Using this tool you can preview or test the report before deploying the same on to the instance.

15)How do you move your layout or data template across instances?
xdoloader is the utility that will be used.

16)What is the tool to map required data output and layout templates so that they can be tested in local machine?
Template viewer will be used for the same.

17)Which component is responsible for generating the output in xml format before applying it to layout template?
DataEngine will take DataTemplate as the input and the output will be generated in xml format which will then be applied on layout template

18)Can BI publisher reports be used in OAF pages?
XDO template utility helper java classes are provided for the same.

19)Name some business use cases for BI  reports?
Bank EFT, customer documents, shipping documents, internal analysis documents or any transaction documents

20)How do you pass parameters to your report?
Concurrent program parameters should be passed, ensure that the parameter name/token are same as in the conc prog defn and the data template

21)What are the various sections in the data template?
  • Parameter section
  • Trigger Section
  • Sql stmt section
  • Data Structure section
  • Lexical Section
22)What does lexical section contain?
The required lexical clause of Key Flex field or Descriptive FF are created under this section

23)What triggers are supported in Data template?
Before report and After report are supported

24)Where is the trigger code written?
The code is written in the plsql package which is given under ‘defaultpackage’ tag of data template.

25)What is the file supporting the translation for a layout template?
xliff is the file that supports the translation, you can modify the same as required.

26)How do you display the company logo on the report output?
Copy and paste the logo (.gif. or any format) on the header section of .rtf file . Ensure you resize per the company standards.


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