One of my Best Interviews at Tech Mahindra part2

One of my Best Interviews at Tech Mahindra,
TR : Some what correct, k, leave it, I’ll give some words, arrange them in super class and sub class manner.
Apple juice,  Restaurant, Pizza, Eatables, Individual house, drinks, apartment, burger, Residential unit, Sprite.
Me : I arranged in order and shown him.
TR : Explain the relation in technical manner.
Me : Explained nearly about 10min by using object orientation concepts.
TR : good answer., tell me about your project?
Me: Explained.
TR: Why you people preferred wireless in Your project?
Me: Now whole world is moving towards comfort and easiness, so we preferred wireless.
TR : What is your role in your project?
Me : Involved in every module sir, but mainly concentrated on resource management and coding.
TR : How many modules are there in project?
Me : explained.
TR: Do You know about database concepts.
Me : Little bit.
TR : Okay, Draw the NAND gate?
Me : Drawn
TR : Different types of Flip Flops?
Me : RS flipflops, JK flipflops, D flipflops . .etc
TR : usage of Flipflops . .
Me : used to store the 1 byte data.
TR : It can stote the data, but not used to store, Level trigger operation?
Me : I am unable to recollect all those concepts which I studied in my engineering  life. Sorry sir.
TR : You addicted to software, am I right?
Me : Yes sir . . .. . . .
TR : But it’s not good to forget basic core concepts.
Me : I didn’t remembered sir but not forget.  We designed our project on our own ideas, we developed our code with the help of my lecturers. It is not possible without knowing basics of core subjects.
TR : I got it., hobbies?
Me : Dancing, Photo Editing
TR : Dancing ??
Me : yes sir
TR : favourite dancer?
Me : Jr.NTR
TR : He is great actor, but not dancer  . .
Me : I like his dance sir
TR : don’t u like Prbhudeva dance?
Me : I love prabhu sir dance, but I can’t do because I don’t have springs in my body.
TR : Escaping Intelligently
Me : Simple Smile.
TR : have u mischief anything using photoshop?
Me : no sir, I edit only my photos and child.
TR : What are the diff types of dances in india?
Me : kathakali, bharatahanatyam, kuchipudi so on .. .
TR : in which dance, dancers use most facial make up?
Me : I think in the kathakali sir.


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