Flow of Order Management

Flow of Order Management, www.askhareesh.com
Entered (OM): Order is saved but not booked.

Booked (OM): Order is booked.

Scheduled (OM): You can customize the workflow to show the Scheduled status, which indicates that the order line has been successfully scheduled by adding a customized activity after the Schedule activity. This activity will make a process ShippingWhen the ship line logic starts, the order line status changes to Awaiting Shipping.

Awaiting Shipping (OM): Order is booked and scheduled but lines have not been picked. This status is also displayed after the line has been ship confirmed but before the Order Management interface has been run.

Picked (OM): Order is booked and lines are picked.

Open (OM): This status of a delivery on the Additional Line Information form indicates that none of the delivery lines associated with that delivery have been ship confirmed.

Ready to Release (SE): Order line is booked and passed to Shipping Execution. It is now a delivery line that is eligible for Pick Release.

Not Ready to Release (SE): A delivery line might be in this status when it is interfaced manually into Shipping Execution, is not scheduled, and has no reservations. When lines are imported automatically from Order Management this status is not used.

Backordered (SE): The delivery line is pick released but no allocations were created or partial allocations occurred.

Staged/Pick Confirmed (SE): The delivery line is successfully pick released. It occurs after pick confirm to indicate subinventory transfer from source location to staging location is complete. Lines remain staged until they are ship confirmed.

Released to Warehouse (SE): Pick Release has started but not completed. Either no allocations were created or allocations have not been Pick Confirmed.

Shipped (SE): This line status indicates that the delivery associated with the delivery lines is ship confirmed.

Interfaced (SE): If delivery was sourced from Oracle OM: The delivery line is shipped and the OM Interface and Inventory Interface concurrent processes have completed. If delivery was sourced from an Oracle Application other than OM: The delivery line is shipped and the Inventory Interface concurrent process has completed.


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