Basics of Core HRMS in Oracle Apps Part7

Basics of Core HRMS in Oracle Apps

Oracle Advanced Benefits

The compensation management using Oracle HRMS is explained in the earlier part of the document. In addition to the compensation and benefit functionality, Oracle offers Oracle Advanced Benefits module.

In an enterprise every employee is eligible for certain benefits. These benefits could be Dental insurance, Medical insurance, Life Insurance, Pension Plans and various other benefits. Certain benefits are provided by the employer and for certain benefits the employee needs to contribute. This entire advanced benefits administration can be handled effectively with the use of OAB.
The OAB structure contains of benefits programs, plans, plan types, options, enrollments, enrollment rates and beneficiaries.
E.g. a program could be a Retiree Program. Only, retired people (Ex-employees) could be enrolled under this program.

Plans are the benefits plans which are available under a program.
A person enrolled under the retiree program will be eligible for the plans which are in the program.

Plan types are medical, dental, vision, spouse life, dependent life, 401K etc.

Options available for the employees to choose from could be Employee Only, Employee plus family, Employee plus Spouse, Employee plus dependents etc. The contacts entered for an employee play an important roles when it comes to opting for options such as employee plus family. The dependents eligible for benefits are termed as covered dependents or beneficiaries.

With the help of eligibility criteria set up in the system, the system determines which employee becomes eligible under which benefit program. Life events are set up in the system which helps the employee to opt for enrollment changes. e.g. a single employee when married can opt for employee plus spouse benefits.
The rates are defined in the system, which are linked with the programs, plans and options chosen by the employee.


SSHR stands for self service human resources. The module provides self service management for both the managers as well as employees.
This is a web based module. With the help of intranet and a web browser the employees and their managers can access personal data and career management functionality.
SSHR uses Oracle Workflow extensively. Workflow helps in managing the information flow between the employees and the management. Decision making can be routed through proper channels with the usage of Workflow.

Following functionalities are available with SSHR:

  • Matching a person to a job or position by competence and planning succession.
  • Candidate offers enables you to perform web–based recruitment.
  • Access/Modify personal data


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