Acronym's in Oracle Apps

Acronym's in Oracle Apps,
ADF - Application Development Framework 

ADI - Appliication Desktop Integrator

AIA - Application Integration Architecture

AIM - Oracle Application Implementation Methodology

AOL - Application Object Library

AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

AP - Accounts Payable

APEX - Oracle Application Express

API - Application Programming Interface

AR - Accounts Receivable

ASCP - Advanced Supply Chaing Planning

ATO - Assemble to Order

ATP - Available to Promise

AWT - Abstract Window Toolkit

B2B - Business to Business

BC4J - Business Components FOR Java

BI - Business Intelligence

BOM - Bill of Materials

BPEL - Business Process Execution Language

BPM - Business Process Management

CM - Cash Management

COA - Charts of Accounts

CRP - Conference Room Pilot

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

DBMS - Database Management System

DNS - Domain Name System

DLL - Dynamic Link Library

DOM - Document Objects Model

DTD - Document Type Definition

EBS - Enterprise Business Suite

EAI - Enterprise application integration

EAM - Enterprise asset management

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

EJB - Enterprise JavaBeans

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

ESB - Enterprise Service Bus

ETL - Extract, transform, load

FA - Fixed Assets

FSG - Financial Statement Generator

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

GL - General Ledger

GUI - Graphical User Interface


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