Acronym's in Oracle Apps Part3

Acronym's in Oracle Apps,
O2C - Order To Cash

OAF - Oracle Application Framework

OAS - Oracle Application Server

OBA - Oracle Business Accelerator

OBIEE - Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

ODP - Oracle Demand Planning

OM - Order Management

OC4J - Oracle Containers for Java

OLM - Oracle Learning Management

OPM - Oracle Process Manufacturing

OTL - Oracle Time and Labour

OTM - Oracle Transportation Management

OTN - Oracle Technology Network

OSB - Oracle Service Bus

PA - Project Accounting

P2P - Procure To Pay

PHP - HyperText PreProcessor

PO - Purchasing

POP3 - Post Office Protocol Version3

PTO - Pick to Order

RAC - Real Application Cluster

RDBMS - Relational Database Management System

RICE - Report Interface Customization Extension

RMA - Return Material Authorization

RMI - Remote Method Invocation

RPC - Remote procedure call

RSS - Really Simple Syndication


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